Since 2001, South Florida Staffing Group has established many business relationships with some pretty amazing Diesel/Gasoline Generator & Engine Employers and has amassed an extensive network of pre-qualified Diesel Generator and Diesel Engine Professionals. South Florida Staffing Group has achieved employment for many Diesel Generator Professionals, to include; Generator Mechanics, Generator Technicians, Engineering Managers, Generator Mechanical Engineers, Diesel Generator Design Engineers, Genset Enclosure Design Engineers, Generator Electrical Engineers, Generator Parts Sales, Generator Parts Managers and VP of Operations.

Our proven ability to staff Diesel Generator Professionals and Diesel Engine Professionals in a timely manner has set us apart from our competitors.

South Florida Staffing Group conducts successful business with gas/diesel engine employers and gas/diesel job seekers, on a daily basis, throughout the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and in North Carolina.

We Seek the Best

Whether you’re hiring temporary staff, contract labor, skilled tradespeople, or full-time employees, we have the resources, expertise and experience to find the best Power Generation and Gas/Diesel Engine Candidates for every conceivable position.

Our company database includes millions of qualified job seekers, allowing us to respond quickly to your new and changing needs. Our Power Generation and Gas/Diesel Engine Candidates undergo extensive screening, and we stand behind every person we place.